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Welcome to Everyday Occupations!

I am Anne, a pediatric occupational therapist with 18 years experience working with families and their children in a variety of settings.  While I have always felt passionate about my career, having my son broadened my perspective immensely.  I found that my years as an OT contributed to having a good foundation for navigating infancy and early childhood.  However, it was just a start. While my background has been valuable, my experiences in the role of a mother have brought me more fulfillment and meaning than I ever imagined.  My role as a therapist has made me a better mom, and my role as a mom has made me a better therapist.  

Here on Everyday Occupations, I want to share what I have learned both as a clinician and a parent--all of which has been enhanced by my own mistakes, trials and successes.  My goal is to support and empower parents and caregivers through improved connection with their children during the activities they participate in, everyday.

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